Review: Abolish Restaurants

The world that needs democracies, dictatorships, terrorists, and police also needs fine dining, fast food, waiters and cooks.

Those words sum up the thoughts behind “Abolish Restaurants” better than any review might. This 56 page zine peels back the pretty laundered napkin and dissects the restaurant world from an anti-capitalist perspective. Certainly, most of us already know the standard restaurant exists to profit for its owners while spending the least amount of money possible on labor, but for anyone that’s worked in the industry, Abolish Restaurants is both a catharsis for frustrations and a reminder of why we all want to storm out of the kitchen and dining room to a better life.

Restaurant work can be boring, demeaning and alienating, and no matter how subversive with think we can be, the system is self perpetuating. Beautifully illustrated and well researched, Abolish Restaurants will make even the most ardent self described foodie think a second time about spending another evening sipping wine over candlelight.